The Empty Mirror

Our mother’s are how we understand ourselves…

London, 1927. Fatherless, fourteen year old Stella Hamilton lives a solitary life. Frequently left alone with only a few books and her imagination for company, all she wants is to be loved and recognized by the mother she idolises, the beautiful, beguiling Julia Hamilton.

But Julia seems more interested in her own social life than her daughter and when the chance of a second marriage to a wealthy shipbuilder presents itself, Stella is packed off to a remote country house to stay with her grandmother, Beatrice, a strange, reclusive woman she has never met.

For Beatrice, the arrival of her estranged granddaughter stirs unsettling memories. As the summer passes, past and present become confused and both she and Stella become engulfed by a secret that Beatrice has spent a lifetime hiding.

Old wounds are re-opened, lives are unravelled and transformed; history, it seems, can be rewritten.

A story about mother-daughter relationships and the legacy of a lifetime spent standing on the edge of love.