The Tide Is A Temptress

Alex is currently working on a pamphlet length collection of poems. The poems in The Tide Is A Temptress explore the ambiguities of love against a shifting liquid landscape of seas, estuaries, rivers and lakes; the ebb and flow of private passions that make up our vulnerable human experience. These are poems that speak of the addictive, but inconstant, nature of love, charting not just its heady, intoxicating highs and anxious, troubling lows, but the rumblings of disappointment that seep through dreams and memories and threaten to tip the scales from our eyes. Here’s a taste:



Night Terrors

The dreams he has are mine to remember.

Last night, for instance, he jumped out of bed

to inspect an invisible pipe protruding

from the rust-wracked door of my wardrobe.


Once, I woke to find him scouring the carpet

for escaped fish, and watched him

hitch up the valance, bring out a slipper,

then throw it back to sea.


Worse, are the nightmares in which he is drowning.

His arms flail uselessly at the air;

his neck strains above the swell

of tangled duvet.


And when he wakes, raw eyed and ruined,

rising like the Kraken from his watery bed,

there is a moment, just a moment,

of uncertainty.


As if he can still feel the wind.

As if he can still taste the brine.

As if the sea still heaves about his feet

and foams and breaks against his shins.


And then his troubled dream dims.

The bed no longer brims.

He lies back, puzzled

and stares at where the sharks have swum.


 ‘Night Terrors’ was published in The Frogmore Papers Issue 84 (September 2014)